So many times, now a day’s, people are very quick to write about negative experiences to protect others from having similar experiences. I am writing this hoping that others would be able to experience what my family has been blessed enough to go through during the process of buying our first home.

My fiancé and I went into this home buying process completely doubtful that we would ever end up in a home. We began to fear that we would be lifetime renters, doomed to flush hours and hours of hard earned money down the drain month after month. Our family was at a good place financially, by the Grace of God, and it seemed that if we would ever have a shot at being home owners now was the time. This is where our realtor Ed Rybczynski came into our lives.

To back up a bit, my grandmother had recently passed away, and prior to passing she had made multiple attempts to get her house sold so she could live closer to all of us. Unfortunately, after three realtors the sale was never made possible. After her passing the daunting task of selling her home was dropped into the lap of my mother and her two brothers. My mother had a previous relationship with Ed and his lovely wife Andrea so she decided to give them a call. Although I was not directly responsible for the sale of my Gigi’s home I could instantly feel the worry and burden lift off my family when Ed stepped in to take over the selling of her home. Sure enough the house was sold in a reasonable amount of time, leaving my Grandmothers children, my Mom and Uncles, free to move on with their lives and their grieving process.

As Steve and I began to think about the possibility of home ownership I knew just the person that I wanted to work with. Giving Ed a call was a no brainer but what came next was beyond anything we could have expected or anticipated. Ed immediately jumped at the opportunity to work with us and set up a sit down with us at our earliest convenience.

We were expecting multiple doors to close in our face at any time, Steve and I are the kind of people who expect the worse and pray for the best. Ed came in and talked with us for over 2 hours, just talking. During this talk he let us explain our fears, and embraced our dreams (which we believed were just that…dreams). Throughout the whole experience, Ed did nothing but help us realize our potential as home owners and he gave us the confidence we needed to move forward. And move forward we did, Ed listened to our requests and what kind of people we were and the very next day we were standing in our dream house.

We quickly learned that finding the house is the fun and easy part, a wonderful realtor is needed for the rest. As anyone who has purchased a home knows, there are many bumps and curves in the road to receiving those keys. At every moment throughout the process we felt that Ed was knowledgeable and confident. This knowledge proved to be priceless, and as much of a worrier as Steve is, Ed was even able to put his mind at ease as re-inspections were ordered, and the paperwork needed for a loan piled up.

The day of our settlement was one of joy and anticipation. The joy came from knowing all the craziness was soon to be over, and the anticipation of starting our lives as “real people” as we call it, aka homeowners.

The experience my family had with Ed Rybczynski in the sale of my Grandmother’s home and in our home purchase was exceptional. Now that the process is over and we are all settled in (almost), I can easily say that I would absolutely work with Ed again if/when we would ever choose to move. Ed not only sold us a home to make many years of memories in, he also began a friendship that will continue for years to come. We could not be more satisfied with our experience and I have and will continue to refer Ed to all my friends and family looking to purchase or sell their homes.

Big thank you to Ed for being so kind and patient with us and our little ones, you are truly a blessing to us and we are so happy to call you our friend.


Steven, Leah, Grace, Lincoln … and Quincy Boy