With the year quickly coming to a close, I’ve been wondering which HomeBinge Blog posts were most popular in 2018.  Because I don’t know of any accurate measure of blog post success, I decided to try 2 different approaches.

Using search engine (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) results as benchmarks, there were 2 posts that outperformed the others.

The Ultimate Pre-Settlement Walk Through Checklist was, by far, the HomeBinge Blog post that received the most traffic from online searches.  I wrote the post after selling an older home to a young couple buying real estate for the first time.  After turning to search engines for a comprehensive list that homebuyers could use when doing a walk through, I learned there weren’t any that made sense to me.  That’s when I decided to write my own and share it with anyone who might be interested.

Havre de Grace Waterfront Condos was another post favored by search engines.  As someone who downsized to a waterfront condo in Havre de Grace, this didn’t come as much of a surprise.  Condominiums make up the bulk of residential development along the town’s coastline.  Even though condo life isn’t for everyone, the sheer beauty of the Havre de Grace waterfront compels many to compromise.

The number of times a post was shared on Facebook was another approach used to measure its popularity among readers.

Integrity Real Estate’s Havre de Grace Office Expands was the HomeBinge Blog post receiving the greatest number of Facebook shares.  Integrity Real Estate’s North East office has long been the dominant force in Cecil County Real Estate.  The company’s Havre de Grace office, which opened only 3 years ago, recently doubled in size.  Integrity Real Estate remains at its original location in the heart of the town’s business district at 309 St. John Street., Havre de Grace, Md 21078.  There are other real estate brokerages with brick and mortar in town, but they deal mostly with buying, selling, and renting their own properties. Until the opening of Integrity Real Estate Havre de Grace, local consumers looked to companies with offices far removed from town for real estate solutions. 

Integrity Real Estate’s Cecil County office is located at 121 S. Main Street, North East, Md 21901.

Havre de Grace: Its Real Estate and Its Lifestyle was next in line based on its number of Facebook shares.  Many people know Havre de Grace as a place they drive by quickly while traveling on I-95.  For a small town, Havre de Grace has much to offer regarding architectural and cultural diversity.  Many people looking for a home in Havre de Grace aren’t from the town originally. They visit for an event, or for dinner, or for whatever reason and find themselves intrigued with the lifestyle of this hip, waterfront town.  It’s what happened to me.  This post is intended as an insider’s guide to Havre de Grace Real Estate which is impossible to explore without discussing lifestyle.  

Click here to browse all Homes For Sale in Havre de Grace (21078).

Finally, there is the post entitled: Is Technology Slowly Replacing Real Estate Agents?  I’ll admit it’s a personal favorite, yet I have no idea why it would receive so much attention on a blog about local real estate. For years, industry pundits had predicted the demise of real estate agents due to technology.  It was thought that concepts like Zillow, Redfin, and so many others would destroy, or seriously disrupt, the real estate brokerage model as we knew it.  As it turns out, the pundits were wrong.  Young, tech-savvy homebuyers are going online for information before turning to real estate agents for advice and judgement based on experience.  Because of the internet, homebuyers and home sellers know more about real estate and the processes involved in a transaction than ever before.  For me, it has resulted in more meaningful and productive interactions with my clients due to their deeper understanding of the moving parts involved in the sale or purchase of a home.

About the HomeBinge Blog 

As a real estate agent with Integrity Real Estate, I regularly encounter situations and questions that are relevant to homeowners and anyone buying or selling a home locally. My goal is to share my experiences through posts that you will find informative and helpful.

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Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

Ed Rybczynski